live your now

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one day you will be asked” were you satisfied with what you had ?” only then you will realize the worth of what you owned

treasure what you have today maybe you’ll lose it tomorrow


unrequited love


If i ever told you how much i love you will you be mine ?

i search for you whenever you’re absent.. is it love ?

i see your shadow every where.. is it love ?

i dream about you every night.. is it love ?

i always  think about you.. is it love?

i miss you every day ..is it love ?

sometimes i cry and it’s always because of you..is it love ?

sometimes i smile and it’s always because of you.. is it love?

i wish i can deny this feeling, but how can i stand against my heart and deny your existence.

It is LOVE.. I admit !





21 years old


I am 21 years old now but nothing has changed. I am the same as I always was. I am still scared of facing people, I am still scared of expressing myself, I am still scared of making friends and most of all I am still afraid of showing others what I really care about. I should have realized by now what are my goals and what I want to be in the future but I am still hesitated of what I want to do. I am still the same, I am still trapped in some memories that I really want to forget.
I am 21 years old. I should be enjoying my youth like all the young people in my age. But still I am enjoying sleeping all the time dreaming of the outside world and how it would be having many friends ,traveling together and discovering new things.
I am 21 years old yet I am lonely like women in her 80s.
I am 21 years old yet I have no friends.
Today is my birthday yet I am sad and I don’t know why !

نخاف الموت في الحياة..

كنت أعتقد بأن تلك الإبتسامة لن تختفي ابدا ..لكنني كلما تقدمت في العمر كلما اختفت ملامح تلك الإبتسامة ..لأني كلما تقدمت إلي الأمام خطوة كلما  زادت المصاعب كلما وقعنا في الأخطاء أكثر . و بالرغم من أننا نخسر أبتسامتنا في هذه الرحلة إلا اننا نتعلم كيف نكون اقوي نتعلم كيف نتحمل كل المصاعب ..نتعلم كيف نبتسم رغم أننا نبكي من الداخل ..رغم ان الحياة توقعنا في شراك اليأس إلا اننا لا نستسلم ..لأننا بمقدار خوفنا من السير نحو المستقبل ..نخاف الموت في الحياة